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  • Cigarti E Cigarette Review

    Cigarti has some of the coolest looking electronic cigarettes on the market. They are flashy, cheek and full of the ultra modern fashion and they have a price tag to match the artwork. You can have the style, look, feel and all of the above, but what about the e cigarette itself?

    I have always said that all e cigarettes are made in China and are man made. This company is no different. The kit is about average as most are since they all have the same basic design. The atomizer is rounded, the carts are about average as the flavors are. there is just nothing about the Cigarti that screams “I am worth the high price” other than the stylish design. They do have good customer service, and to me, that is what counts.

    Their e cigarettes are just like everyone else other than the fancy designs. They are all man made and made in china. In my opinion, you could get the same for less by choosing the No 7, it is a lot cheaper and basically the same e cig, but for a lot less money, if you can do without the fancy designs. If you are a fashion buff, then it may be worth the extra cost. The Cigarti company has great customer service, so you can rest easy considering spending money there.

  • VaporNine V9 NEBULA E Cigarette Review

    Although this is the 510 model that everyone at the forums rave about, it is not that different than any other e cigarette on the market for the most part. It is however a good kit, just like most are. What is different about this kit is the VaporNine company that sells it. The customer service is good, above average in fact. I had a battery that was dead as a nail when i got the kit and they replaced it no questions asked. So, why do I look at customer service so hard?

    I have bought over 30 different kits in the last year, and most e cigs are pretty close as far as vapor , life and quality. Let’s face it, they are all made in china, so how different can they be? They all have a rechargeable battery, and atomizer and carts of some sort. There is only one e cigarette that I have seen that is different in the makeup (more on that later) and design to really produce more vapor.

    The 510 kit is the e cig that most in forums rant about because they have the manual switch (which I think sucks, who wants to press a button to take a drag? silly huh?). It does not make a big difference in the life of the battery for having to push a button to take a drag, so if you are looking for a similar experience to real smoking, i suggest that you get the automatic battery if you choose this e cigarette kit. The price is real good on this kit and the customer service is bang up, so it is a good choice.

    If you are looking for an e cig with super vapor, and a more traditional looking cigarette, you may want to look at the Firelight from E cigarettes National. It is lower priced, has 3 chargers, two batteries, two atomizers that look like no other e cigarette, because it is designed to produce more vapor, and the kit comes with 10 cartridges instead of 5. Just a suggestion for an alternative to the VaporNine V9 NEBULA.

    Both are good kits that

  • Electronic Cigarettes Made In The USA, America

    Electronic Cigarettes Made In The USA, America

    The Green Smoke e cigarette American based company was founded in 2008 to provide smokers with an authentic smoking experience that is less harmful than classic tobacco cigarettes. Since then we have been offering quality electronic cigarettes in the USA, South Africa and the UK.

    Green Smoke electronic cigarettes provide the look and feel of a typical cigarette, but without any dangerous cancer-causing chemicals. Smokers of e cigarettes in America and abroad inhale clean water vapor with nicotine – with no tar, ash or smoke.

    Green Smoke has several advantages over smoking tobacco cigarettes:
    · No cancer-causing chemicals to inhale.
    · No cigarette butts.
    · No second hand smoke.
    · No complaints from non-smokers.
    · Saves your health. Saves money.
    · No foul odors that stick to linen, walls, cars etc.
    · You can smoke inside restaurants, bars, airports, etc. even where smoking is banned.

    E Cigarettes Made In America Is Our Next Goal

    We strive to provide our customers with friendly and effective customer service. We listen and we care. We are also always continuing to improve upon our products. One way we are moving forward in our efforts is to produce our electronic cigarettes in the USA. That’s right…we are in the beginning stages of being able to say in the near future: Electronic Cigarettes Made In The USA.

    Made In The USA Electronic Cigarettes

    As stated above, these are future plans for Green Smoke. Having the ability to produce our e cigarettes in the United States will benefit in several ways. Quality control has always been an up most importance to Green Smoke, with American made e cigarettes, our quality control standards would surpass all other electronic cigarette makers in the industry. Another important benefit would be the creation of jobs for Americans. It’s definitely a win, win situation and Green Smoke is very excited with our future.

  • Non-Tobacco ‘E-Cigarettes’ Will Also Fall Prey To Smoking Ban

    Non-tobacco ‘E-Cigarettes’ Will Also Fall Prey To Smoking Ban

    More than a year after MaltaToday revealed that the Health Ministry had classified the tobacco-free ‘e-cigarette’ as a tobacco product, a legal notice has established that even these devices will fall under the smoking ban.
    The legal notice states that any “device which is intended as a substitute to a conventional tobacco product” shall fall under the Tobacco (Smoking Control) Act.
    The e-cigarette is a tobacco-free device that is used to replicate the sensation of a traditional cigarette by means of an electronic simulation. Containing neither tobacco, nor tar, it is a nuisance-free solution for passive smokers.
    According to the legal notice, any device bearing the word ‘cigarette’ or ‘tobacco’ which is intended as a substitute to a conventional tobacco product shall be deemed as a tobacco device.
    It further stipulates that “all tobacco devices are to comply with the provisions of the Tobacco Act”, which means that they cannot be freely advertised, that they cannot be smoked in enclosed public spaces and that they can only be used by adults over the age of 18.
    The e-cigarette looks very much like a plastic cigarette, with a mouthpiece containing a replaceable cartridge filled with liquid containing nicotine, a solvent called propylene glycol and flavourings. As smokers inhale, a sensor between the mouthpiece and the rod (which is actually the device’s rechargeable battery) activates a microprocessor to disperse the cartridge liquid into tiny droplets onto a small, inbuilt burner.
    As the droplets sense the heat, the liquid is vapourised along with the nicotine. When the user inhales this vapour, the feeling of traditional smoking is simulated, and the vapour exhaled is somewhat similar to normal cigarette smoke – with the exception that it is odourless and it settles after a few seconds.
    Those making use of it get their nicotine fix without the adverse effects of a normal cigarette. In the UK, the e-cigarette has allowed smokers to puff away happily in public spaces, legally and with no complaints from bystanders.

  • E-Cigarette Law Suits Being Made Easy

    E-Cigarette Law Suits Being Made Easy

    Any person who had purchased an e-cigarette will be able to bring his or her own class action law suit against the seller, or join an e-cigarettesexisting class action and possibly share in any damages awarded to users of this new product which the Food and Drug Administration [FDA] has declared “illegal,” says public interest law professor John Banzhaf, who has been leading the battle for FDA regulation of the product.

    Banzhaf prompted the FDA to warn the public about the dangers of e-cigarettes, including hidden carcinogens and other toxic chemicals, encouraged the several legal actions against them which have already been brought or are about to be filed, and used legal warning notices to persuade PayPal and to give up e-cigarette sales. He’s also the man behind the ban
    on cigarette commercials and public smoking bans, and he’s been called the “Dean of Public Interest Lawyers.”

    In response to requests for legal assistance he is receiving from persons who purchased e-cigarettes based upon claims of safety, who subsequently learned that an FDA study showed that they contained deadly toxins and cancer-causing chemicals, Prof. Banzhaf has posted on line a template for drafting a class action law suit complaint against sellers of e-cigarettes. With this simple template, any attorney contacted by an e-cigarette purchaser can easily file his or her own new law suit.

    This could be important because the plaintiffs and the attorneys who are the first to file class action product liability law suits often end up with the lion’s share of money recovered — including attorney’s fees — so a race to the courthouse to be the first to file in each state is quite possible, says Prof. Banzhaf.

    To file a law suit, a purchaser need not have suffered any medical or other problem as a result of using the product. Prof. Banzhaf explains that the legal actions which have so far been filed against e-cigarette sellers have relied upon consumer protection statutes which do not require any specific injuries.

    Moreover, such law suits would not be affected by any decision in a federal law suit now pending which seeks to challenge the FDA’s jurisdiction over e-cigarettes. The FDA’s jurisdiction, and violations of consumer protection laws, are two very different legal issues, says Banzhaf.

    For those e-cigarette purchasers who do not wish to retain their own attorney, Prof. Banzhaf says they may contact the attorneys who brought the initial class action law suit and seek to join the class or serve as plaintiffs in similar law suits in other states.

    The legal actions filed to date have contended that sellers of c-cigarettes have violated consumer protection statutes by engaging in unlawful, unfair or fraudulent practices and unfair, deceptive, untrue or misleading advertising. Although the argument that the ads were unfair is based in part on scientific findings of the FDA, even a judicial ruling that the FDA at the time had no authority to regulate the product doesn’t invalidate the agency’s scientific findings about it, argues Banzhaf.

    The FDA has reported that the e-cigarettes it tested contained detectable levels of known carcinogens and toxic chemicals to which users could potentially be exposed. The FDA said the toxic chemicals included diethylene glycol, “an ingredient used in antifreeze, [which] is toxic to humans”; “certain tobacco-specific nitrosamines which are human carcinogens”; and that “tobacco-specific impurities suspected of being harmful to humans – anabasine, myosmine, and B-nicotyrine – were detected in a majority of the samples tested.”

    Banzhaf notes that virtually anyone who bought one or more e-cigarettes, based upon claims that they did not contain any of the cancer-causing chemicals found in tobacco cigarettes, would be able to bring a class action law suit in his or her state against the seller. Virtually all states have consumer protection statutes which permit law suits to be brought even if the purchaser suffered no harm from using the product.

    The possibility of such law suits may be one reason why more e-cigarette wholesalers are finding it necessary to provide product liability insurance to their retail customers, and at least one insurance company is offering its own liability policies.

    That company explains the need for such insurance this way: “the FDA has issued a warning about the product (e-cigarettes) because marketers are presenting the e-cigarette as a healthier alternative to regular cigarettes. In addition, the cartridge contains several chemicals including nicotine that are hazardous to your health.”

    A copy of a class action law suit filed against one e-cigarette seller, which could serve as a template or model for similar class action law suits to be filed in other states, may be found at:

  • Electronic Cigarettes: A New Platform For Advertising?

    Electronic Cigarettes: A New Platform For Advertising?

    The Electronic Cigarette is already a miracle to many, now they’re being customized with company, organization and social event logos…you name it!

    Published on January 09, 2010

    by Jeff Smith




    First there came the electronic cigarette, they were big and bulky like a pen. Then several years later the “micro” was introduced that looked and felt more like a regular cigarette, just absent some 4,000 harmful chemicals.

    Enter the e cigarette skin. We have all seen skins for everything from IPods to laptops and the list of things getting them is expanding at bewildering rates because of their popularity. Now this concept has hit the e cigarette industry and seems to be making waves across America with organizations, small and large companies and social clubs from bingo halls to bar room sports leagues. Reported sales growing by the week in what seems like a growing trend due to the popularity of the almost infamous electronic cigarette.

    “Our goal in the beginning was just to offer electronic cigarette smokers a unique way to express themselves via their cigarette by offering “skins” on our site” states Jeff Smith, owner of an online retail store called “But ever since we started offering our visitors the ability to download their own image that they wanted on their e cigs…we’re beginning to see large orders from everything to company logos, organization groups to bar room sporting leagues and so on”

    “Apparently these small “billboards” make “big” impressions” says Jeff. “With the rapid growth of electronic cigarettes constantly being visible at almost any social event, it really makes sense if you want to get seen”.


  • What Is Green Smoke?

    What Is Green Smoke?

    Green Smoke is a revolutionary new smoking device which provides a healthier alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.  Smoking traditional cigarettes forces the smoker to inhale thousands of unwanted and unnecessary chemicals along with your nicotine.  With the Green Smoke, that is a thing of the past.

    Electrronic Cigarette Starter Kit- Green Smoke

    Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit- Green Smoke

    The Green Smoke delivers only the nicotine!  No tar… No carbon monoxide… No smoke… feel refreshed yet?  You should, but that’s not all…the Green Smoke is not called Green for nothing…the Green Smoke even delivers that nicotine in a completely clean and odorless vapor.  That’s because the Green Smoke doesn’t burn the nicotine like yesterday’s cigarettes…instead it vaporizes it.

    How does it do that?  Well…its electric.  That’s right…an e-cigarette!  We have e-mail, e-shopping, e-news, e-phones, e-cameras…isn’t it time we moved on to the e-cigarettes?  Now you can throw that lighter away along with the rest of your old fashioned cigarettes.  With the Green Smoke, there is no need to light…just pull it out and start puffing…you will immediately enjoy the same nicotine, but you will be healthier and, by the way, wealthier!

    That is because the Green Smoke is not only easy on your lungs, but also easy on your wallet.  In fact, Green smoking will save you up to 75% on your cigarette expenses.  How much is that?  Use our savings calculator to see what that adds up to for you.

    What is Green Smoke?  It’s a healthier electronic cigarette which contains only the nicotine you want, nothing you don’t want, costs a whole lot less than cigarettes, does not have any odor or leave any odor behind on your breath, hands, or clothes, does not cause any second hand smoke, can be smoked anywhere – even in No Smoking Areas, and is by far cleaner for the environment.  Oh, and it comes in six flavors including tobacco, menthol, coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and cherry. See what some Green Smokers have to say about their new smoke.

    Are you still reading this?  Stop, and see for yourself!  Order your Green Smoke electronic cigarette now for a 30 Day Free Trial Period!!!  You will be glad you did!

  • Electronic Cigarettes Gives You The Freedom To Be Smoking Everywhere

    Electronic Cigarettes Gives You The Freedom To Be Smoking Everywhere

    One of the things that smokers hate is the “No Smoking!”, “Thanks for not Smoking” signs all over the place. It can frustrate the smokers highly because they find it hard to cope without smoking in many of these places that do not allow smoking. When we are used to smoking, then we need to have our nicotine fix without fail to ensure that we work at optimum levels.

    People smoke in various situations some people smoke when they want to relax in the middle of a stressful day. There are people who smoke when they want to focus their attention on something. There are people who smoke just for fun when they are with their friends. So the need of each individual varies and each one of us develop a certain level of craving for cigarettes depending on the number of cigarettes that we have been smoking per day. Our body too will start demanding for its fix at regular intervals. In such a situation if we happened to get caught up in a place where we are not allowed to smoke, we can find it very difficult. We will find this deprivation very difficult to handle and we will have to rush to a place where we can smoke peacefully.

    Green Smoking Zone with the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

    Green Smoking Zone with the Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette

    We can save ourselves from all these hassles by switching to electronic cigarettes. We can get into any place with or without “No Smoking” sign and still enjoy smoking. The Green Smoke E-cigarette is not classified as smoking so we can freely get our nicotine fix. E-cigarette does not have the danger of passive or secondary smoking hazards. So others around us too will not mind us smoking. This gives us a tremendous amount of freedom. We do not have to excuse ourselves  from the bar or from a party to take a puff. E-cigarettes are categorized under electronic devices so no smoking signs do not stop us from using them. We can now enjoy green smoking everywhere even in restaurants while having our dinner. We do not have to leave the interesting conversation because our body needs nicotine fix.

    If you are going on a cruise, your Green Smoke electric cigarette will come handy. E-cigarettes will save you in these situations where you need your nicotine fix where there is a “No Smoking” sign. You can smoke without anyone bothering you in any part of the cruise ships. You do not have to alienate yourself from any of the public places and that is the advantage of using E-cigarettes.

    Other places that you can smoke your electronic cigarette that normally prohibit smoking include airports, restaurants, casinos, theatres, bars and in all the other public places where people gather. Switch to Green Smoke electronic cigarettes today and start enjoying the freedom it brings.

  • Message From Electronic Cigarette Association President Matt Salmon

    Message From Electronic Cigarette Association President Matt Salmon

    The Electronic Cigarette Association (ECA) is comprised of international manufacturers, suppliers, resellers and consumers who are dedicated to the advancement of electronic smoking technology.

    As stated in their site: “The association was founded to institute and promote industry-wide standards and a code of conduct, work to maintain sound professional practices, educate the public and policy-makers on the industry’s activities and potential, and ensure the ethical use of electronic cigarette technologies.”

    Watch this video from Former US Congressman and President of the Electronic Cigarette Association.

  • What Is So Good About The Electronic Cigarette?

    What Is So Good About The Electronic Cigarette?

    These days even an eighth grader is aware of the health issues that result out of smoking. Though we know that smoking is injurious to health, we cannot quit smoking that easily. It is one of the toughest habits to quit. The more we try to quit this habit, the tougher it gets and the urge to smoke increases further. Some of us try medication to quit smoking while others try quit smoking with the help of support groups. Irrespective of the method that we use, we invariably cause distress to our mind and body.

    There is a better alternative to this problem, it’s called electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. Electronic cigarette provides our body the needed dose of nicotine minus 4000 other toxic elements that affect our health. Smoking tobacco cigarettes not only affect us, it also affects people that are surrounding us in the form of secondary smoking or passive smoking. Once we develop nicotine addiction, it is very difficult to quit our smoking habit.

    Electronic cigarettes on the other hand are less harmful and they do not contain all the harmful elements that are found in the real cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes emit only a tiny fraction of nicotine that is normally emitted by the regular cigarette. Tobacco smoking causes lot of damage to our lungs because it has so many other elements that only affect our health. The unwanted toxins eat up our lungs at a rapid pace. Your body will not resist the change when you switch to electronic cigarette because it will get the required nicotine fix without exposing yourself with the dangerous toxins and many cancer causing carcinogens.

    Green Smoke Electronic Cigarette Cartridges

    Electronic cigarettes are powered by a rechargeable battery. It also has an atomizer which is activated by inhalation. The nicotine, which is in the form of liquid, is sprayed in small quantity when we inhale. Electronic cigarettes also come in a number of popular flavors such as tobacco chocolate, vanilla, coffee and menthol. Since the Green Smoke electronic cigarette uses disposable atomizers, it is also hygienic and does not produce cigarette waste. So you do not have to look for ash trays. You are allowed to Green Smoke the electronic cigarettes even in no smoking zones as it does not have environmental problems caused by regular cigarettes.
    It is better alternative to our smoking habit. When you are choosing your electronic cigarettes, you must choose the right brand that will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of switching to electronic cigarettes. The advantage of Green Smoke lays in the two part design. Each cartridge is disposable, you therefore don’t need to clean the atomizer, and get dirty with liquids. The switch to Green Smoke is easy, that makes people stay with Green Smoke and stay away from tobacco cigarettes.